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HP Update for Pre 3 Now Available

HP has issued a WebOS update to its Pre 3 smartphones.

Barely a few months after the launch of Pre 3, the device was found to be less glamorous, and subsequently far less popular than similar devices rolled out by the company's rivals in the increasingly overcrowded smartphone market.

Needless to say, Pre 3 emerged as a disappointing failure for HP in terms of both sales, as well as critical reviews. In a tough market, it is very difficult to design and sell devices that will automatically become popular. Many companies have met with both success and failure when it comes to the smartphone market.

However, seems like HP decided that despite the device being a commercial failure, it had to keep on catering to the few users of the Pre 3.

Subsequently, the new update to WebOS 2.2.4 has been now officially offered for the device. The update, however, brings very few additional features. Also, HP has yet to announce what the new update package is all about other than a few bug fixes.

The update is sized at 29 MB for the Euro version of the Pre 3; sizes of the AT&T and Verizon Pre 3 updates are 10 MB and 9 MB respectively, as reported by The Verge.