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IPCom Goes After German Retailers for Selling HTC Phones

Patent troll IPCom has filed patent infringement lawsuit against around 100 retailers in Germany for selling HTC 3G smartphones that allegedly infringe one its patents.

Back in 2009, a German court had ruled that HTC violated a patent related to 3G technology owned by IPCom. HTC claims that the patent in question has been declared invalid by the Federal Patents Court, which nullifies the lawsuit ruling made against HTC.

Now, IPCom has targeted retailers with the same patent, in order to make some money out of it. The patent firm first sent a cease and deceit letter to the retailers and filed the lawsuit when they did not comply.

"Since the retailers are fully aware of the court decisions of patent infringement against HTC, and continue to sell the handsets despite our request to stop doing so, the retailers risking being held liable themselves for wilfully [sic] infringing our patent #100A, with all consequences under the law," said Bernhard Frohwitter, managing director of IPCom reports Business Week.

"We warned them that we would not stand by and watch HTC disregard German court decisions - they have only themselves to blame for the escalation." he added.