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Japanese Telecom Operators Embrace Standard NFC Payment Applications

DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank, the top three telecom operators in the Japan-Asia technology hub have announced they are all set to embrace global standards for mobile payment.

Japan happens to be one of the most technolically advanced nations not only in Asia, but throughout the world (more so in the telecom and wireless carrier sector). In fact, the country was amongst the first in the world to implement NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows users to swipe their mobile phones over a compatible cash counter to make payments.

Until now, Japan was using the Nippon-only Osaifu Keitai system to provide NFC technology to its tech savvy population. Now the country seems to be opening up to global standards, reports The Register.

According to new and confirmed reports, the top three telecom companies in the country have officially announced their decision to shift to Type A and Type B NFC standards used throughout the world.

According to experts, this move has opened up a whole new opportunity for the country's mobile manufacturers such as Sharp and Panasonic when it comes to selling their NFC equipped devices abroad too.