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Kraft and Intel Join Forces to Design 'Smart' Vending Machine

Kraft has joined forces with the US based semiconductor maker Intel to design a sci-fi like vending machine that does not serve underage children.

Apparently, this new ‘smart’ vending machine exploits Intel’s face recognition technology to read and detect if the purchaser standing next to the machine is a kid. And if it really is a kid, the machine simply refuses to serve him or her.

According to the Kraft and Intel, the machine’s artificial intelligence makes its final judgement after analysing various factors, including the height of the purchaser.To achieve its goal, the vending machine exploits its built in special camera, as well as an Intel designed sophisticated software.

It is however, not known yet what is the cut off age to be eligible to take advantage of the machine. It has a big gee-whiz factor. "This is intelligent marketing. We're making certain we get the right sample to the right consumer," said Ed Kaczmarek, Kraft's director of innovation and customer experiences, in an exclusive statement to USA Today.

Though the idea sounds interesting, there are still quite a few who don’t categorise the invention as something useful or practical, but only a gimmick.