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Late News: Apple Prototype Store, Apple Fuel Cell Patent, iPad Satisfaction Survey, LogMeIn iOS App

iPad maker Apple is set to begin the construction of a ‘proto-type' Apple Store in Palo Alto, it has been revealed. The city of Palo Alto has issued a building permit on December 12 to Apple to make the prototype store at 340 University Avenue, which is close to its store in downtown Palo Alto.

Apple has filed two patent applications related to Fuel Cell batteries for its devices, enabling them to run for weeks without requiring a recharge. In the first patent titled ‘Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device', the company notes that consumers want to use renewable energy sources for their electronic devices.

A new study has revealed that Apple's iPad continues to lead the global tablet market with its might when customer satisfaction is concerned. The study was carried out by the SURL (Software Usability Research Laboratory), and according to its report 83.65 per cent of the iPad owners who participated in the study were satisfied by the product.

LogMeIn has launched a brand new free mobile app equipped with its trademark remote desktop abilities, and aimed at the ever expanding iPhone and iPad markets. According to the company, the new offering is quite capable of giving users almost the same sort of remote access experience which eventually made the company's earlier products win the best grossing third party iPad application award last year.

Pinterest, a new social networking platform and virtual pin board site, has been growing at a massive speed, becoming one of the top 10 social media platforms on the web. The website allows users to organize and share the topics they like, offering a wide range of categories from home decor to health.