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LinkedIn Gives IndexTank Source Code to Open Source Community

LinkedIn - the social networking site for professionals, has open sourced all the software that it had managed to pocket with the acquisition of the search engine software maker IndexTank.

With this move, LinkedIn has now officially joined the bandwagon of a handful of other social media platforms that had already also made their internal codes available to the open source developer community.

During the time of the acquisition, the social media site hinted that it was very much interested in exploiting IndexTank's rich software arsenal, alongside the company's efficient workforce to enhance LinkedIn's built in search functions.

It is worth noting here that IndexTank is the same company that had previously deployed search systems at numerous other big Web companies, including the likes of BitTorrent, TaskRabbit and Reddit, just to name a few.

IndexTank currently divides its overall operational aspect into three distinct segments, out of which the full text search and indexing engine is known as IndexingEngine. The package also brings along with it an application programming Interface (API), as well as the Nebulizer.

Where the API segment is dedicated to interacting with the Index Engine by exploiting a number of programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP etc., the Nebulizer is basically a framework for the management of multiple indexes.