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Nexus S Receives Android 4.0.3 Update

Google's massively popular smartphone Nexus S has finally received the Android 4.0.3, the latest build of the Ice Cream Sandwich.

And much to the joy of proud Nexus S owners, the update has brought along with it a few tweaked features not available on the Galaxy Nexus.

With the new update being released, Nexus S has joined Galaxy Nexus as one of the few proud smartphones to have received the new Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Also, what makes the Nexus S update to Android 4.0.3 special is that, with this, it has emerged as the first existing device (running on Android Gingerbread previously) to have received the latest ICS update. This is an exciting time for Nexus S owners or those wanting to purchase one of these devices in the future.

"The change is quite profound; certainly the biggest upgrade Android has received since the leap to 'Eclair' 2.1 and - in UI terms at least - probably the most fundamental since Android phones first came out. Everything seems to have changed, some in bigger ways than others," David Meyer of ZDNet, stated in his report after trying out the ICS 4.0.3 update for Nexus S.