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Nimbula Announces Cloud Migration Service

California based cloud outfit Nimbula has rolled out a brand new cloud migration service in order to help businesses migrate from public clouds back to their own premises.

The last couple of years witnessed too many businesses from all around the globe shifting to public clouds, mostly because of their cost effectiveness.

Nimbula's new service is particularly aimed at bringing those businesses back from public clouds to their own facilities. It is worth mentioning here that public clouds are often seen as inferior than on premise infrastructures, at least on the security front.

Nimbula's new private cloud, as announced by the company, will be powered by its flagship Director 1.5 cloud OS. This proprietary cloud operating system was first dished out by the company earlier this year in April.

"The cloud is good for applications that will reach a fast level of growth. When they have levelled off and become more predictable, bring that workload back in-house," Reza Malekzadeh, the Vice President of marketing in Nimbula said, Information Week reports.

"If a part of an application still has an unpredictable amount of traffic or is 'bursty,' leave that in the public cloud," he added.