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Queen's Christmas Speech Available for Download on Kindle

Amazon has announced it will be release the Queen's Christmas speech as an ebook on its Kindle platform.

According to the BBC, the retailer secured the rights to release the speech as an ebook by approaching the Royal Household. The text of the speech will also be uploaded on the Queen's Facebook page and Royal Household website.

Kindle users will be able to download the exclusive ebook for free and also enjoy access to all the Queen's Christmas speeches given since she became queen in 1952.

"The Royal Household is happy to allow organisations to take this content and make it available on as many platforms as possible as long as the content is not altered or presented out of context," a spokeswoman of the Royal Household told the BBC.

"We would like The Queen's Speech to be broadcast or read as widely as possible, and allowing Kindle to make the text available is just another example of this," she added.

Industry watchers believe the online retail giant has managed a ‘coup' in getting the exclusive ebook deal. New Kindle users can download the speech to experience how things are done on the Kindle which may entice them to download more.