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Raspberry Pi Home Computer Slated for Production in 2012

The Raspberry Pi home computer, which is going to cost mere £16, is set for production soon.

The idea for making a bare-bones computer was seeded by veteran video game maker David Braben as a way to inspire young people to take up technology as a career, the BBC informs.

The company is testing prototypes for the computer and, if all goes well, it should go to production in January.

The device comes with an ARM chip, primarily used in smartphones and tablet devices, and runs on a Linux based operating system.

The company said in a blog post the first circuit boards for the computer had arrived and had been populated with all the components that are going to ship with it.

The blog post informed that the computers are undergoing hardware and software testing at the moment and should be available in January next year. The company plans to auction some of the first Raspberry Pi computers by the year's end if testing goes as planned.

"If all the boards from this batch perform well in testing, we'll be auctioning ten of them off; details will be available here as soon as we are confident that they're perfect," the company said.