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Researchers Develop 'Passive Optical Diode' 10 Microns in Diameter

A group of researchers have come up with a brand new optical device to enhance the capabilities of supercomputers - to create faster and much more reliable processing power.

The newly invented device is so small it can easily fit on a single computer chip, thus enabling it to provide superior performance as compared to current technology.

Researchers further stated the new device - the "passive optical diode" is comprised of two tiny silicon rings sized at just 10 microns (in diameter). That means the device is almost 1/10th the width of an average human hair.

And unlike other optical diodes currently in use, the "passive optical diode" requires no external assistance to transmit digital signals. All these advantages ensure the device can easily be embedded into a computer chip to increase power and make using the technology more convenient and affordable.

This one-way transmission is the most fundamental part of a logic circuit, so our diodes open the door to optical information processing," said Minghao Qi, one of the researcher participating in the ambitious project, in a statement, according to an HP Wire report.