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Revamped iPhone 5 in Mid-2012, iPad 3 But No 'Mini' Tablet Next Year, Analyst Says

Prominent analyst Gene Munster, from Piper Jaffray, published his predictions regarding the upcoming releases we are going to see from Apple next year. Munster suggests that all the buzz about two iPad models being launched should settle down, because we'll only get one in 2012, CNet reports.

Previously analysts proposed that Apple is going to respond to the success of 7 inch Android tablets like Amazon's Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble's Nook, by producing a small tablet with a much friendlier price tag and modest features, to appeal to entry level users.

While Munster's educated guess points towards a low probability of seeing an announcement of an iPad mini coming out from Cupertino, he does not rule it out altogether; should this be the case, he concedes iPad sales would far exceed his current estimates (66M to 77.5M in 2013).

At the same time, he reminds us about the rumours related to a redesigned iPhone 5, which fired up the technology blogs almost the entire year, until Apple released a conservative looking iPhone 4S in October.

Now, guess what? We're going to see the much talked about iPhone 5 with its new design of course, in the summer of 2012. Gene Munster's note to investors also suggests that in 2013 Apple will sell somewhere between 142 million and 162 million iPhones.

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