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Samsung Galaxy S Not Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung has announced that its 20 million plus Galaxy S owners will not be able to update their handsets to the latest version of Android 4.0, the Ice cream Sandwich.

The explanation from the Korean technology firm is that the hardware is just not capable of it. The Galaxy S is around 18 months old, and Samsung claims that it just doesn't have enough RAM to run the new operating system.

PCMag has it that this isn't the case though, as more contemporary handsets like the Nexus S - which have comparable hardware - are getting the update, so clearly there's another reason. I wonder what it could be?

Other sites like Zdnet had a more critical take on things, saying that this is the inherent danger of buying a phone with a custom 'skin' where a handset must be updated by the manufacturer's method instead of through the usual Android system.

Tablets on the other hand are all set for the update, with a few clever individuals porting the new version of the mobile OS over to older hardware as well. T3 has a few screenshots and details of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 - the smaller brother of the infamous 10.1 that has been Apple's main patent infringement target - running Ice Cream Sandwich. Not all the features are there yet, but the developers are not far off.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has also been targeted by freelance developers, hooking up the smartphone with an Android upgrade that it might only have got at some time in 2012. Of course it's not official, but if the widespread use of jail-breaking software has told us anything, it's that most smartphone users don't mind playing around with what they've got.

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