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Samsung GT-S5670 Galaxy Fit quick review

Is Samsung's latest smart phone designed for joggers or bloggers? Its name may lead you to believe that it's for the former, but this Android-based handset is little more than a lightweight, mid-range option that's all about the low price.

The Fit, which runs Android 2.3.4, seems more at home in the pocket of an office worker rather than and athlete. It's certainly lightweight at just 108g, and its 110.2x61.2x12.6mm dimensions make it a particularly slim choice, but besides that we can't see why it would particularly suit anyone out exercising.

Elsewhere, the Fit's hardware includes a FM radio (including presets), an accelerometer, Wi-Fi, dual band 3G and stereo Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. In our test, battery life was about average; it just about got through a day of normal usage. Music is acceptable, though a decent pair of headphones will be somewhat wasted - there are no audio fireworks.


Almost everything about the Fit is a compromise; it's easy to use and the camera is relatively impressive, but elsewhere it flatters to deceive. Not advanced enough for business use and not fast enough for accurate, speedy surfing, it nevertheless makes for a pocket-friendly budget smartphone for day-to-day use.

Our rating: 4/5

Best point: FM radio, low price, compact dimensions, 5MP camera

Worst point: Plasticky finish, no Flash video support, slow processor, screen lacks sharpness

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