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Seagate Changes Cloud Based Division Name Back to EVault

Seagate has changed the name of its i365 cloud based back-up business division back to EVault.

The company had acquired EVault five years ago for $185 million and had combined it with document search platform MetaLincs and its Seagate Recovery Services division to form a new division called i365.

Perhaps the company decided to drop the i365 brand name as most people are familiar with the EVault brand.

The company promoted the name change with a banner on the EVault website. Rebranding is not uncommon in the IT world, and in many cases, allows companies to reach even more customers.

EVault offers automated back-up software that allows enterprise systems to continue back ups of data on the EVault Cloud. The company boasts of more than 35,000 business users which access its SaaS and managed data protection services.

According to an article on eWeek, the company currently manages more than 63 PetaBytes of data backed-up by its customers.

With the rise of cloud computing, specially enterprise level hybrid clouds, customers are moving to deploy cloud based back-up software to keep their data secure. Providing this type of service helps a variety of businesses become more efficient and secure.