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Volkswagen's New Email Policy, Limits Internal Email During Employee Off-Hours

Volkswagen has finally agreed to entertain growing demand for stopping its BlackBerry servers from sending email to employees when they are not on duty.

The company acknowledged the issue after it had received several complaints from employees. Apparently, employees believed the emails sent by the company during off-shift hours were diminishing the line between their personal and work life.

The move, however, will relieve only those employees in Germany who are serving under trade-union negotiated contracts.

"We confirm that this agreement between VW and the company's work council exists, but would not comment further," said a spokesperson on behalf of the car maker, according to a BBC News report.

Under the new policy, employees won't get any email from the company from 30 minutes after they leave the workplace, to 30 minutes before they return for their shift, Volkswagen confirmed.

"By working in partnership with their union, Volkswagen's policy will have the support of all their employees," Trades Union Congress (TUC) secretary general Brendan Barber gave his input on the new decision taken by the company.