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Chinese Online Gaming Sites Hacked; User Names, Passwords Stolen

In a shocking turn of events, unknown hackers violated China's web space and stole the personal credentials of millions of Chinese net users.

According to reports, the hackers, whose identity has yet to be confirmed by authorities, breached security on several online gaming sites to collect user names and passwords of millions of users.

Unofficial figures say the number of affected users could raise as high as 38 million.

Worse even, many of the stolen user names and passwords were published online. Several popular websites including 7k75, Hacking178, Duowan and many more also found themselves at the receiving end of the attack, reports ZDNet.

Interestingly, apart from the CDSN hack, security breaches of other portals have yet to be confirmed by authorities.

It is important to note here that China, along with India and Japan, has been accused of various hacking incidents affecting Western countries over the years. The PRC government has always shrugged off these charges, though.

And while it is still unknown at this time who is responsible for this hacking incident, many rumours will probably start circulating in the next few days.