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Facebook Introduces 'Suggested Events' Feature

Facebook has introduced its ‘Suggested Events' feature which suggests to users events they should attend.

The feature works by telling people which events they should attend based on events their friends are attending, their past history like check-ins and pages they have liked, Tech Cruch explains.

Facebook told TechCruch it was testing the new feature on certain profiles and will provide additional information about a world-wide roll out soon. The company also stated that for people who don't use the check-in feature, event suggestions may also be made based on the music they listen to, using the Open Graph API.

The feature replaces the Friends' Events section under the Events tab on the home page. It essentially allows people to see which events are taking place based on their activities like check-ins and page likes.

This new feature also makes it easier for users to keep track of the events and help them attend as many get-togethers, parties and seminars as possible. The feature essentially encourages people to get out of their homes and go outside to develop an active social life and not just a virtual one, which the platform earlier seemed to offer.