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HP Releases Security Fix for Vulnerable Laser Printers

U.S Based multinational technology heavyweight Hewlett-Packard announced on Friday that it has taken every possible measure on its part to block "a certain type of unauthorized access" to LaserJet printers.

The company however, did not term the newly unveiled firmware as an all-in-one solution to the glitch. Instead it mysteriously used the word ‘mitigate' which more or less stands for ‘making something less damaging or painful'.

The company also stated that the severity of the glitch was actually blown out of proportion as no complaints are coming from customers about any exploit in the wild being used for mischievous purposes.

HP was dragged into the court for allegedly selling the printer in question despite knowing beforehand about all its vulnerabilities.

"The specific vulnerability exists for some HP LaserJet devices if placed on a public internet without a firewall. In a private network, some printers may be vulnerable if a malicious effort is made to modify the firmware of the device by a trusted party on the network," HP explained in a statement, according to a c|net report.

"In some Linux or Mac environments, it may be possible for a specially formatted corrupt print job to trigger a firmware upgrade," it added.