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Sony Develops Paper Powered Battery

In what could be termed as a potentially ground breaking technology, Japan based technology superstar Sony Corp. has unveiled a brand new paper powered battery prototype.

According to the company, the new technology invented by its researchers generates electricity by extracting sugar out of shredded paper, which in turn can be used as a fuel.

When, and if introduced in the consumer market, the new technology could see mobile users powering their devices using waste material only. The team which planned and implemented on this new technology claims that these bio-batteries will be pretty much environment friendly as no harmful metal or chemicals are used during their manufacturing process.

Sony also allowed fans to have a sneak peek at the new invention at the recently held Eco-Products exhibition hosted by Tokyo. "Using a 'fuel' as simple as old greetings cards - the sort of cards that millions of us will be receiving this Christmas - the bio battery can deliver enough energy to power a small fan," Yuichi Tokita, senior researcher at Sony's Advanced Material Research Lab, explained, BBC News reports.

"Of course, this is still at the very early stages of its development, but when you imagine the possibilities that this technology could deliver, it becomes very exciting indeed," he added.