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£149.99 Xenta Wireless HDMI Kit with Small HDMI Transmitter

The Xenta Wireless HDMI Kit comes with a transmitter/receiver allowing you to transmit and receive HD videos and audio wirelessly between two systems without any loss of quality.

The HDMI sender and receiver work on HDMI WHDI 5Ghz technology and supports Full HD signals. It can send 720p and 1080p video without any interference over distance of up to 20 meters. There is no need for elaborate setup steps as HD sender and receiver will pair with each other automatically.

One can plug in the transmitter in one of the HD source i.e. a DVD player or a Blu-ray disc player or a satellite set top box and receive the content into a TV located somewhere else. The Wireless HDMI kit can also be used to extent HDMI or DVI signals to up to 12m.

The kit also comes with IR remote sensor for the receiver to allow you to control the source device with the remote control included. The signals used by the HDMI transmitter and receiver remain unaffected by wireless network signal.

HDMI cable, power cable are included with the package.

Ebuyer is offering the Xenta Wireless HDMI Kit with Small HDMI Transmitter for £149.99.