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5 Things To Know About The £16 Raspberry Pi PC

The Raspberry Pi computer has gradually built up momentum since it was presented earlier this year and has managed to attract some significant press coverage from the likes of the BBC. Here are five things you might find interesting about the Pi:

1. The device, which is presented as a credit-card sized computer that plugs into a TV and a keyboard, is being touted by its designers as one which can be used by "kids all over the world to learn programming".

2. There will be two versions of the device at launch. The $25 will come with 128MB RAM and no Ethernet port, while the $35 version doubles the onboard memory and adds Ethernet capabilities and support for two USB ports. Note that neither come with Wi-Fi or other wireless capabilities.

3. You should be able to power the device from four AA batteries (6v) and the team behind the Raspberry Pi project say that they are looking into adding Power Over Ethernet as a feature.

4. Like the XO laptop, the Raspberry Pi computer is developed by a foundation, and there will be a buy-one-give-one scheme implemented to give free computers to those in poorer countries or who cannot afford one.

5. The first run of beta Raspberry Pi devices will be auctioned over the next few days and should raise more funds for the project. Hopefully, it will become as popular as other fruit-named tech-related endeavours like Apple, Apricot, Orange and Blackberry.

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