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RIM Embroiled in New Name Infringement Lawsuit

BlackBerry and PlayBook maker Research In Motion has been subject to yet another law suit, this time for using BBM as a name for its massively popular BlackBerry Messenger service.

The lawsuit was filed by a Canada based TV and radio industry outfit named BBM Canada. BBM Canada has been operating in the country since several decades - from 1944 to be more precise.

The company says that it was left out with virtually no options but to file the lawsuit after all attempts to negotiate with RIM failed.

When asked for their stand on the dispute, RIM officials denied entertaining any comment citing reasons that commenting on ongoing legal issues is in fact, a violation of the company's policies.

RIM is already amidst some severe crisis resulting from its dramatically declining stake in the global smartphone market, as well as a below-expectations sales record of the PlayBook tablet.

"We want our name back," Jim MacLeod, BBM Canada's chief executive stated, adding "I find it kind of amazing that this wouldn't have been thought about before they decided to use the name. The same thing goes for BBX," LA Times reports.