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£189.99 Toshiba 32BV501B 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview

32BV501B LCD TV, backed by the quality commitment from Toshiba, is a great TV with gloss black design that would fit just about anywhere in your home - be it your living room, study or your kids room.

The 32BV501B is capable of a 720p resolution through its 32-inch screen and a contrast ratio of 30000:1 and 8ms response time would ensure crystal clear and crisp output even for those action packed sequences in movies and games. The maximum supported resolution on the TV is 1366x768 pixels.

The on-board USB port allows you to connect any USB pen drive or a HDD to view images and listen to songs directly on the TV. The HDMI ports enable you to connect any of the latest disc playing gadgets i.e. DVD players, Blu-ray disc players or your favourite gaming console. The PC input port would let you double the TV as a desktop monitor.

Some of the other features of the Toshiba 32BV501B are Colour Temperature control, Digital Noise Reduction, Nicam Stereo, Favourite Channel Memory, Now and Next information, etc.

The TV also comes with a Freeview tuner to get you started right away with 50 channels worth of video content and 24 channels worth of radio audio content.

The Toshiba 32BV501B 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview is available from Amazon for £189.99.