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37K Domains Move Away from GoDaddy Due to SOPA Stand

Last week, Internet domain outfit announced that it was no longer supporting the infamous Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Apparently, the company went into a damage control mode after being subject to a series of protests by the users for its controversial stand on the SOPA issue.

But, now it seems like the damage had already been done. According to a new reports, the last two weekdays in the previous week witnessed over 37,000 domains moving out of - so much to pay for voicing its support for the infamous act!

The backlash from the company's users as well as critics started soon after GoDaddy's name had surfaced in the official list for companies in favour of the implementation of the SOPA.

Apparently, more than 15,000 domains were moved out of GoDaddy on Thursday alone, which was soon followed by another 21,054 transferring off the very next day reports VentureBeat. Needless to say, the development has come as a massive financial setback for the company.

For those who are yet to make themselves familiar with the proposed piracy killing act, the SOPA allows both the US Department of Justice, while acting on behalf of the copyright owners, to seek a court order to turn off the website in the US and would prevent advertising companies from doing business with such sites. Owners would have no or very little chance to defend against such an action before the site gets turned off.