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£549 Cello 55" C5566DVE LCD TV

Cello brings to you the massive 55-inch C5566DVE LCD TV capable of Full HD output and that would serve as a great replacement for your existing small-screened LCD TV.

The C5566DVE is capable of 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution with high contrast ratios and fast response times. The massive screen would let you enjoy life-sized images of whatever you watch - be it your favourite movies, videos or your favourite console game.

Connectivity is also good with Cello incorporating 3xHDMI ports, 1xSCART, 1xComponent video connection and 1xUSB port. The HDMI would let you connect your DVD/Blu-ray players/Game Consoles.

The audio is OK to some extent with 2x8W speakers that complement the visuals to some extent but might not provide the excellent audio output that one might be looking for.

The TV doesn't come with other standard features that other high-end TVs come with viz. 24p technology, wireless internet or DLNA that may impact the saleability of the TV as little. But, overall the TV does provide the essential features that any LCD must have for a great and comfortable viewing experience.

M&S is offering the Cello 55" C5566DVE LCD TV for £549.