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£89.98 Nintendo Wii Console – Blue with Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Nintendo Wii doesn't need any formal introduction as it is one of the most successful gaming consoles out there. Wii lets you play games along with your entire family with maximum fun and minimum fuss.

The Wii console provides you with the feeling that you are right there in the middle of all the game action. Gone are the days when you would press a button to start some movement action. Through the ground breaking motion sensing based gaming technology, you ought to experience a new level of gaming.

The Wii Remote with built in Wii Motion Plus, offers an intuitive and natural way to play games. Control the actions of the characters in the game through real life actions you make everyday. Playing tennis or drums or swinging a bat wouldn't have been more fun than during game play through Nintendo Wii. Just swing your remote and bam! away goes the tennis ball.

The Nintendo Wii Blue console comes with the Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games to get you started right away with all the game action you can imagine.

Gamestation is offering the Blue Nintendo Wii Console for £89.98 delivered.