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Amazon Enjoys the Success of Kindle Fire

Amazon is strengthening its foothold in the stock market this festive season as the Kindle Fire becomes more and more popular with customers.

Amazon had already executed a well thought out strategic plan aimed at making the best of the Christmas season. But in additional, the company has createdits new "Best of Digital Store", offering customers a wide range of different products products - from TV shows and mobile apps to movies.This allows customers to download their favorites to their new Kindle devices. This is a great way to increase sales during the post-holiday season.

And it seems to be working - the retail giant's stock is heading to $233 per share which is a rather remarkable accomplishment for the company.

Amidst all these positive signs for the company, experts say Amazon is virtually leaving no stone unturned to get the most out of the Kindle Fire tablet.

"Christmas day clocks in as the biggest day for digital sales for Amazon, with the December 26 - December 30 period reportedly averaging three times more than Amazon's weekly sales for the remaining year," according to a Forbes report covering these happy days of the Kindle maker.