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Anonymous Strikes Stratfor Website, Details of Thousands Stolen

Anonymous strikes again! This time the victims were thousands of Stratfor clients whose emails IDs, passwords, credit card numbers as well as other personal details were stolen by the infamous hackers collective.

Stratfor happens to be one of the most prominent security think tanks that provides its services to a number of government and non-government agencies, including the likes of Bank of America, Doctors without borders, the United Nations, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Laboratory as well as the Defence Department.

One of the hackers revealed that the primary objective behind the hack and subsequent stealing of password was to collect funds from individual accounts in order to give Christmas donations. The claim was virtually confirmed by many of the victims who stated that there were indeed, unauthorized transactions made through their compromised credit cards.

As an evidence of their Robinhood-like-deed, the hackers collective also published 5 receipts online, one of them showing a $180 donation made by a certain US Homeland Security employee. Another receipt showed yet another donation made to the Red Cross via a retired Texas Department of Banking employee named Allen Barr.

None of the victims have come forward to issue an official comment on the matter though.