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Apple Likely to Win Suit against Motorola in Germany

Apple is most likely to win a patent infringement lawsuit it had filed against Motorola in a German court, it has been revealed.

According to patent expert Florian Mueller, the Munich I Regional Court is convinced that Motorola has violated a patent owned by Apple and is expected to rule against the Android smartphone maker on February 16th.

The patent in question is related to the manner in which Motorola's Android phones uses a method for flipping pages in the photo gallery. Apple claims to own the patent to the technology, something with the court in Munich is aware of.

Motorola is most probably developing a work around to Apple's patent in order to skirt the ban which is most likely to be dished out by the German court.

"The court doesn't have much doubt about the validity of this patent and appears rather convinced (at the end of the hearing even more so than at its outset) that the Android photo gallery constitutes a violation of that patent at least in its "zoom in" mode and possibly (though this is not yet certain) in its "zoom out" mode," Mueller said.

Even if Motorola manages to implement the work around, the fact remains that Apple is using its patent might to get the competition change the technology in their Android devices.