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Hearing Loss Attributed to Loud MP3 Players: Research

Researchers have found that loud music in MP3 players is the primary reason behind hearing damage in commuters.

A team of researchers at the Michigan University in the United States claimed that millions of commuters are in danger of hearing loss due to the loud music they play on their MP3 devices like the iPod.

The study found that 9 out of 10 commuters were exposed to hearing damage not because of the environment but, due to the loud music they listen too while travelling.

Researchers say that commuters using cheap headphones increase the volume in order to block the sound around them, not only putting their hearing capabilities at risk but also irritating passengers sitting next to them, Daily Mail notes.

"It's startling that two in three people get the majority of noise exposure from music. I've always viewed the workplace as a primary risk for noise exposure. But this would suggest that just focusing our efforts on the workplace isn't enough, since there's lots of noise exposure happening elsewhere," said Professor Rick Neitzel, one of the authors of the study.