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Kraft, Intel Design Vending Machines for Adults Only

Kraft has inked a deal with Intel to design a ‘smart' vending machine, capable of detecting the buyer's age and gender.

As of now, the vending machine, has been deployed by Kraft to serve new types of desserts to adults.

Primarily aimed at adult customers, the new vending machine is designed to prevent serving products under age children, the company stated.

According to Intel, the new vending machines will help companies understand exactly what type of people are purchasing their products.

Apparently, the machine is equipped with an optical sensor, capable of reading and detecting customers' faces, and thereby making sure that no underage children are allowed to access products inside the machine.

"We have trained the software to do this via machine learning on a bunch of pictures of human faces," said Intel's general manager of personal solutions Michelle Tinsley in a statement to the BBC.

"It does the calculations very quickly right there on the machine - it does not need to go off into the Internet or cloud - and then based on that will recognise that you fit a certain demographic," he added.