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Noon News: Anonymous Hacks Stratfor, GoDaddy Loses 37000 Domains, UC Berkeley Opts for Google Apps

The University of California at Berkeley has decided to go with Google instead of Microsoft's Office 365 for its campus wide calendar and email services, according to new reports. Shelton Waggener, the chief information officer at UC Berkeley stated that though Google managed to beat Microsoft in order to bag the deal, it was a pretty tough decision to make for the university officials.

Anonymous strikes again! This time the victims were thousands of Stratfor clients whose emails IDs, passwords, credit card numbers as well as other personal details were stolen by the infamous hackers collective.

Last week, Internet domain outfit announced that it was no longer supporting the infamous Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Apparently, the company went into a damage control mode after being subject to a series of protests by the users for its controversial stand on the SOPA issue.

Google has launched a new Google+ ad campaign featuring The Muppets singing a popular classic rock number on Google + Hangouts. In the ad, the Muppets are seen jamming to the popular Queen and David Bowie song, ‘Under Pressure'. The characters, created by Jim Henson, have been used to promote the Google+ Hangouts video conferencing feature.

Apple is most likely to win a patent infringement lawsuit it had filed against Motorola in a German court, it has been revealed. According to patent expert Florian Mueller, the Munich I Regional Court is convinced that Motorola has violated a patent owned by Apple and is expected to rule against the Android smartphone maker on February 16th.