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Rumours Surround Microsoft and Nokia Over Negotiations with RIM

Microsoft and Nokia may be considering making a collective bid for acquiring the BlackBerry maker Research In Motion.

According to Wall Street Journal report, the status of the negotiations have yet to be announced. However, negotiations took place nonetheless, thus highlighting the deep trouble RIM is currently facing.

The Wall Street Journal report cited comments taken from unknown sources - presumably those with direct knowledge of the matter.

RIM's shares are dropping so low the company is currently going through perhaps the worst phase of its existence. Amidst so many deeply rooted troubles, investors are constantly demanding a major revamp to management. Some have even gone a step further by demanding company executives consider a sell-out option.

On being approached for comments, both Microsoft and Nokia representatives refrained from entertaining any queries. A RIM spokesperson, on the other hand, said that company policies do not allow him to make any statement concerning mere rumours.

But amidst all these reports, it remains to be seen what future line of action RIM could adopt to get out of all the mess and bring back the old glory days.