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Setback for Google as LAPD Overturns Google Apps Contract

Google has lost out on a large Google Apps Deal with the Los Angeles Police Department, which would have seen a total of 30,000 LAPD employees moving to Google's suite of online productivity apps.

The company along with CSC, a systems integrator, had won a Google Apps Deal for 30,000 seats back in August 2009. The deal would have seen LAPD employees using Google's email and other online collaboration tools.

According to eWeek, the LAPD edited the contents of the deal, removing 13,000 seats from the 30,000 originally planned.

The public organisation claimed that Google and CSC were unable to meet some of the security requirements. The LAPD demanded that criminal justice information stored in the email must be protected with same level of security as in on-premises email systems like Microsoft Exchange.

The LAPD has decided to continue using the GroupWise platform it has been using for its 13,000 employees.

"We're disappointed that the city introduced requirements for the LAPD after the contract was signed that are, in its own words, 'currently incompatible with cloud computing.' We realize this means the LAPD will not be joining the 17,000 other City employees successfully using Google Apps," the company said in an email to eWeek.