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Smartphones Killing Camera, Camcorders Says Study

A new study has revealed how the ever expanding popularity of smartphones is causing an existential threat for the low end cameras and camcorders in the United States.

The study was carried out by the NPD Group - a US based research outfit, and according to its findings, the first 11 months of the running year registered a 17 per cent decline in the traditional point and shoot camera market in comparison to where the sales figure stood at last year, during the same period.

The camcorder did slightly better - but nevertheless, it went through a 13 per cent decline in terms of sales from January to November this year.

The study stated that users from virtually all age groups are now days preferring phone cameras over the traditional point and shoot cameras.

"When you combine the fact that smartphone camera quality has increased roughly 10-fold from where we were five years ago and the fact that we have all these apps and services that make it easy to host the photos," Chris Green, principal technology analyst at Davies Murphy Group Europe, explained, BBC News reports.

Despite this, NPD's report also highlighted the fact that dedicated cameras and camcorders continue to be "the device of choice" during important events.