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Study: "Men Are All Sheepish" When it Comes to Asking for Tech Help

A survey conducted by Geek Squad claims that Men having difficulty in understand how their Christmas gadget works are twice as unlikely as women to ask for help.

According to the study, men don't easily admit that they are having problems in figuring out how to use their tech gadgets while women are not that fussy about it and don't mind being helped.

Geek Squad revealed that 28 per cent of men ask for assistance as their last resort, after having given up trying to understand how their gadget works. However, only 16 per cent of women claimed that they had refused to take help, the Daily Mail reports.

The survey also found that 26 per cent got irritated and frustrated on Christmas day while trying to grasp what complicated instruction manuals are trying to tell them.

"It's a bit like asking for directions when you're lost. Women are happy to admit they don't know where they are, but men are all sheepish. Men have a sense of pride and don't want to admit they can't work things out. In my experience they're much more likely than women to say that the product doesn't work," said Sam Lawton an agent with Geek Squad.

"They'll go into a shop and say they want to return a product, and the truth is that they simply haven't understood how it works. They get a lot more frustrated than women," he added.

Geek Squad has opened a new hotline to help people get a hang of how their new Christmas gadget works.