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The Tech Guy Goofs Up

A technology reporter accidentally embarrassed himself and his female boss last week by broadcasting an explicit chat session between the two online.

Apparently, the reporter behind this goof up, Leo Laporte - also known as The Tech Guy unintentionally included his online conversation with Lisa Kentzell - the chief executive officer in his podcast.

The chat session between Laporte and Kentzell starts with "Come over. I'm naked in bed. Waiting for you. The door is open," Mirror reports.

Kentzell's reply came a little late though, almost three hours later. She responded by saying the magic words - "I love you", to which Laporte replied by saying, "I still smell and taste you. I adore you."

After the chat session was included in the podcast, quite expectantly followers started reacting to this careless (and to some, absolutely hilarious) blunder committed by the tech expert.

Laporte defended himself by saying that he and his wife had separated long back, and as a free, adult man, he did in fact holds the right to go around with any female companion he chooses to.