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UC Berkeley Selects Google over Microsoft for Email, Calendar Solution

The University of California at Berkeley has decided to go with Google instead of Microsoft's Office 365 for its campus wide calendar and email services, according to new reports.

Shelton Waggener, the chief information officer at UC Berkeley stated that though Google managed to beat Microsoft in order to bag the deal, it was a pretty tough decision to make for the university officials.

"Google's solution is optimized for web-based interaction. It is designed to be quickly provisioned and a migration to Google could begin more quickly than one to Office 365," Berkeley's final report stated, notes Wired.

"You have to be prepared to move, but you can't be schizophrenic about it. I would rather build the tools to let students choose," Waggener stated.

It is worth mentioning here that though both Google and Microsoft's offerings - Google Apps and Office 365 are usually termed as cloud services, they both are fairly different from one another. While Google App is an entirely Web based service, Microsoft's Office 365 still needs to rely on local software for some of its functionalities.

"While both products are feature rich and offer advantages over our current environment, the analysis concluded that the Google offering was the better overall fit for the campus at this time," officials at the university wrote in a message.