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US Judge Cancelled Anti-Trust Hearing Between Intel and the State of NY

A US federal judge has cancelled an anti-trust hearing against Intel which was scheduled for February of next year.

The lawsuit was brought against Intel by the State of New York which claimed the company used its dominant position to hurt competition in the market.

According to an article on Bloomberg, Judge Leonard Stark dismissed the lawsuit before lawyers for both Intel and the state of New York had met to discuss some outstanding issues including Intel's motion to get a summary judgement.

The State of New York filed for dismissal of the lawsuit in Delaware so that it can't pursue the suit in the New York court.

Judge Stark had already thrown out some of the claims put forward by New York and even reduced the time frame to include computer purchases from the last year only instead of the past six.

The state of New York, which filed the lawsuit back in 2009, claimed the company used threats and illegal payoffs to create a monopoly in the computer chip market.

Intel has been repeatedly been accused by lawmakers of deploying anti-trust practices to harm competition and create a monopoly in the US chip market.