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£189.99 Haier LEY24C430 24-inch Full HD LED DVD Combi Television

The Haier LEY24C430 24-inch LED DVD combi is a great package and more or less an ideal Christmas gift for your kids if you still haven't got one for them.

The TV is sleek looking and you can't go wrong with the TV as it would fit just about anywhere in any room and you don't need to worry about faults as the TV is backed by a 2 years standard warranty. The TV is capable of full HD 1080p resolution and the fast response time would ensure blur and jitter free full-motion, fast-moving video.

The inbuilt speakers would fill a mid-sized room with video complementary sound and you would definitely enjoy watching your favourite movies. The sound leveller and distortion control enhance the audio output and thus the overall TV viewing experience.

Haier has equipped the LEY24C430 with two component inputs and 2 HDMI inputs allowing youto connect your Blu-ray players as well as gaming console thereby allowing you to enjoy your favourite HD movies as well as games.

On-board USB input would let you view your video, digital pictures and listen to your mp3 songs directly from a pen drive or HDD. USB recording and playback is also supported on the LEY24C430.

The built-in DVD Player is apt for enjoying all your video and audio content that is stored on DVDs - be it your holiday photos, videos, downloaded movies, songs, etc.

The Haier LEY24C430 24-inch Full HD LED DVD Combi Television is available from eBay for £189.99.