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AMNews: Sony Tablets to Receive Android ICS, Sony Ends LCD JV with Samsung, Amazon Kindle Fire

Sony has announced it will soon launch the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to P and S tablet devices. It was already a known fact that the whole 2011 line of Sony Ericcson smartphones was likely to be rewarded with Android ICS update pretty soon.

Sony has decided to sell its stake in an LCD TV joint venture to Samsung as it continues to suffer losses in the TV market. The company had a 50 percent stake with Samsung in the 9 year old LCD TV joint venture. Sony has agreed to sell its share to the Korean consumer electronics giant for $940 million, according to TechRadar.

Microsoft has announced it won't be participating in the Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place every year in Las Vegas, from 2013. The company always gives the opening keynote speech and even runs a both at the trade show, which takes place in January.

Amazon is strengthening its foothold in the stock market this festive season as the Kindle Fire becomes more and more popular with customers. Amazon had already executed a well thought out strategic plan aimed at making the best of the Christmas season.

Microsoft has decided to remove gun-like items from the Xbox Live Marketplace to prevent gamers from using Avatars that carry guns. Users will be able to use items in their Avatars which they have bought in the past, but from 1st January, no new items will be available.