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Apple Helps Out iTunes Match Newbies with Video, FAQ

Cupertino based iPhone maker Apple Inc. has released a handful of new resources. Ranging from an instructional video, to several frequently asked questions (FAQ), the new posts on the official Apple website are aimed at explaining the company's iTunes Match service in details.

Apple added the new materials on the iTunes Match section of its website. The new posts explain new users how the service can be used to match songs, or how to turn on the service on an Apple TV or any other iOS powered device.

"With iCloud and iTunes Match, your music is always where you want, when you want it," the video noted, according to an Apple Insider report.

"Any songs you've upgraded or downloaded again are completely safe. The only thing you lose is the central storage - iCloud will no longer stream or download matched or uploaded songs to your devices," the FAQ explained.

Analysts are of the opinion that it is unlikely for Apple to make much money out of its iTunes Match service; however, it still forms an integral part in the company's long term strategic interests.