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Apple's iOS Platform Used to Make 13.4% of All Online Holiday Purchases

Recent benchmark figures from IBM reveal how online shopping has undergone massive growth this Christmas season as compared to last year.

According to the statistics released by the US based multinational tech outfit, online sales during Christmas took a 16.4 percent leap this year in comparison to last year.

And no prize for guessing the most prominent force behind this tremendous growth witnessed by the industry. YES, Apple it is!

IBM reported Apple's iOS platform alone was responsible for as much as 13.4 percent of online purchases. Apparently, the iPad emerged as the most widely used device to make purchases this Christmas, as reported by Forbes.

About 7 percent of all online shoppers purchased their items using their iPad, which was closely followed by the iPhone which was used by 6.4 percent of shoppers.

Android no doubt is growing at a rather impressive pace, but it could not overpower iOS as the most favourite platform for online shoppers. It contributed only 5 percent to the overall sales figure.

The IBM survey however, did not include apps or music purchases. Also the survey did not mention which online portals emerged as a shoppers' paradise during Christmas. But then, who else it could be with Amazon, Walmart etc. around?