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Apple Rewards Customers with Free Coldplay Download on iTunes

It's that time of the year again when Apple users all over the world are rewarded some fabulous offering via the iTunes Store. This year's Christmas season is no exception as the company launched started its massively anticipated 12 Days of Christmas offering on a high note by making available a free, live Coldplay album.

This free album features three audio tracks and three videos by Coldplay - one of the most successful contemporary pop rock acts, as reported by Pocket-lint.

As the name suggests, the 12 Days Christmas offering will be available for no more than 12 days. And during these 12 days, Apple users will be rewarded with 12 different rewards; one each day.

It has been a while Apple first initiated the 12 Days Christmas offering programme. It is seen by many as the company's well thought out effort to promote its iTunes Store amongst new users. It is also considered a way for Apple to say "thank you" to its loyal fan base.

in previous years, the company has provided free music, movies, apps and books as a part of this yearly offering. Many customers look foward to this time of year to see all the fun, cool rewards they will be offered by the company. This year will certainly not disappoint.