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China Launches 10th Navigational Satellite into Space

China's alternative to the US based GPS navigation system has gone live as the country launched its tenth navigational satellite into space.

The Beidou project, started in 2000, aims to provide navigational data to the Chinese military and civilians. The service will also be available to areas around China.

According to an article on the BBC, the company plans to launch six more satellites in 2012, making the system available to other Asian nations.

All in all, the Chinese government plans to put a total of 35 navigation satellites into space by 2020. The main reason for China to launch its own navigation service is that it does not want its military to rely on services offered by foreign countries.

The service is capable of providing accurate data to up to 10 meters, measuring the distance at a speed of 0.2 meters every second. The military of course will be able to get more accurate data than civilians.

The developers of the project have claimed the service will be most beneficial to the Chinese people and business in general, creating a $40 billion market for commercial navigation system.