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Developers Give a Dose of Ice Cream Sandwich to Kindle Fire

Amazon's maiden venture into the tablet market Kindle Fire has received its first unofficial Android 4.0 update. However, the update comes in the form of just a pre-alpha ROM, meaning fanboys will have to wait a little longer till the final build of the same is dished out to them.

Being in the pre-alpha stage, the update is bound to be buggy. It is suggested that unless you happen to be a developer ready to contribute your two pennies worth to development scene, it would be wise to wait a little longer than a more stable version is prepared.

According to reports, the audio and video features in the pre-alpha offering still need major improvements. The Wi-Fi, touchscreen as well as other standard features are apparently working just fine though.

There was also an issue which prevented the device from recognising and accessing its internal storage. But, that issue is reportedly taken care of as of now. It is worth mentioning here that Kindle Fire does not come up with an external storage option.

Currently the Kindle Fire is priced at just $199, and it has already emerged as a potential threat to the Apple iPad's dominance in the global tablet market.