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Firmware Update for PS Vita Available; Fix Freezing, Instability Issues

Sony has released a firmware update for the PS Vita hand-held gaming device to combat issues of device freezing and instability.

The PS Vita, launched to mixed reviews in Japan, has been plagued with reports of screen freezes and other issues including instability, as reported by Gamepur.

The company released firmware update 1.5 for the console but it is not clear as to other issues the update may resolve as the company has yet to release the change log for the update. In a blog post on its Japanese website, the company stated the update fixes issues that were reported while users were playing NEXT Dynasty Warriors.

The update is available for all PS Vita consoles, including those not located in Japan. Users will be able to update their consoles by going to the Settings section and selecting the update option. Users will be required to have a Wi-Fi connection to receive the update.

The company plans to release the console in the United States in February and hopefully, users in the US won't have to deal with the hardware and software issues plaguing the device as of now. As with any new device, there may be a few bugs that need to be fixed here and there.