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Google Flight Search Invites Fury

Internet search giant Google's new found interest in the online travel industry has quite expectantly started altering the status quo of the billions-worth market, according to new reports.

Competitors, Expedia & Orbitz Worldwide, do not seem to be too happy to have Google joining in the 110-billion online travel market reports The Wall Street Journal [paywalled]. According to them, Mountain View is taking undue advantage of its might in the Internet search market, thereby making is way into the top at a much faster rate than usual. Google denies the charges though.

In the United States, Google has already dished out its online domestic travel services with Google search functionalities such as "LA to NY" and so on. The search result, needless to say, delivers a detailed interactive chart of the available flights at the cheapest possible rate.

Off late, the Mountain View based technology outfit has indicated quite clearly that it, by no means, intends to confine its business structure to the Internet search market alone. And subsequently the company has been seen making the best out of its immense assets in order to explore various other sectors, the online travel industry being one of the latest in that trend.