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Intel to Launch Thunderbolt I/O in April 2012

Intel will most likely launch Thunderbolt I/O technology for the consumer PC market in April 2012, according to new reports, as reportedby Techradar.

For now, the super fast "USB killer" technology can be found only on a select few Apple MacBook and iMac models.

New reports suggest the semiconductor giant is all set to exert some extra effort to ensure this data transmission technology reaches PC users' within the next four months or so, however.

Experts keeping an eye on the PC industry are of the opinion that Intel has plenty of reasons to increase its efforts when it comes to launching the Thunderbolt in the consumer PC market.

Thunderbolt technology will provide tough competition for the new USB technology - USB 3.0.

But since Intel's Ivy Bridge platform is compatible with USB 3.0, this is proof the the new-generation USB I/O technology has already invaded the consumer PC market - the question is whether Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 will win out in the end.

Being twice as fast as USB 3.0, Thunderbolt may likely gain immense strategic advantage over the former in the long run, however.